Thank to BSA – awarding me the opportunity to sample the Matte Mii Lipstick. At first glance while looking at the applicator (casing), my first impression was that it’s nothing fancy or captivating that would attract me to buy the product if I had seen this in store. I have not heard of Mii Cosmetics until now. But wow, smitten after my second week. Velvety, rich creamy, matte, perfect colour blend, smooth polished finish.

No lip liner required (it defines your lips), no bleeding lipstick over lips & teeth, no smudges when eating or drinking. Entire day wear, no touch-up needed like some other lipstick brand. The saying is, “Dynamite comes in small packages”. The unveiling of the mystery package finally revealed the perfect enchanting Matte Lipstick. Price range approx R315.00 (expensive). But great in long term and it’s long-lasting. Definite value for money.