I have been using this product for the past 6 weeks or so and I must say I totally love it. It comes in a 75ml container and when I bought it it was on a special and was going for R45. I totally love this mask, it has a thickish consistency, however is easy to apply on the skin. it just glides over and spreads easily. I also love that it contains salycylic acid as an active ingredient and it is slowly replacing my regular exfoliator.

Since I started using it, i have noticed that I have fewer blackheads on my skin and it is not drying to my skin.I also love that it changes color when it dries, when you apply it is a dark grey colour and after it dries it turns into a light ashy grey colour and if you look at your face after it has dried you can actually see all the pores on your face.Will i be repurchasing this, Yes, it is an absolute find and is easy on the wallet.