My overall opinion of the essence WOW fragrance is extremely good. I love the cute packaging they have chosen where you can write your special message right on the box instead of having to wrap it. I love the scent of the product, it has a very strong scent so it will not be overtaken by any other scent you are wearing – perhaps an anti perspirant. The bottle I received is a relatively small bottle (30ml) and I found the metered spray is a very high dose so I do think this perfume would go down quite quickly however as yet I have not even come close to finishing mine – I think perhaps it may have around the amount needed for 2 months of continuous use. When I use this scent I find myself feeling very youthful and full of fun – it is a very fun and cheeky scent. I think the scent would be very good for people aged between 14 and say around 24 – its not a very sophisticated scent but it is very lovely! When you first use the WOW fragrance it smells just like watermelon however after a few minutes it changes to a very aquatic scent – like a sweet sea breeze mist. When I read the reviews on how the scent changes i was very sceptical however it really does change and its quite amazing. I was impressed with the product, I think it works well within its target market, it lasts a sufficient amount of time, it smells great and its good value for money. If these scent tones speak to you then I do believe this is the perfect fragrance for you