I bought this cream with such high expectations but it let me down. Granted, BB Creams won’t give you the same coverage as foundation but this cream for me is nothing but a moisturiser. It does nothing for my skin and in fact when I have it on, my colleagues tell me that I look a little dull and tired. Thankfully; as I am new to BB creams, I bought this with the Avon Flawless Ideal Nutmeg shade and I am IN LOVE with it. I dare you to try the Ponds BB cream on your arm with another branded BB cream. the difference is obvious and an in terms of coverage Ponds loses hands down. It is nothing more than a moisturiser which does nothing in terms of either coverage or “matching” to your shade. In fact, I look rather dull and darker with this cream. I feel like I wasted money and I would much rather buy something a bit more pricier if it means I will get my money’s worth. For the benefit of the UV protection factor and my pocket, I will be using the rest of this cream on my body just to feel a little better about wasting money.

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