I have only been using this product (as well as the shampoo) for a couple of weeks. I bought this shampoo as I tend to get split ends very often which is a pain when your trying to grow your hair as the hairdresser cuts all the long split ends bits off, leaving my hair short again. I thought that if I by this shampoo and conditioner, my split end would repair and my hair would be less vunerable. I havent noticed any big difference with my hair yet, however my hair is very curly which means its a bit harder to tell if the ends are split or not. Hopefully, next time I go to get my hair cut, less inches are cut off.
I would reccomend that you spend a good while rinses your hair when washing your hair with the shampoo and conditioner as I have sometimes found the I have flakey dandruffy bits in my hair. My hair does feel quite soft at times but it can also feel quite greasy, however that may be down to other products such as heat protecter and hairspray that I use.
When I found out the price of this product, I was a bit shocked but still intended to buy the product due to the good advertisement on the television. I was happy when I got to the till when I found out it was half price!
Overall, this is a product worth trying.

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