I have been using ‘blackest black’ for a couple of weeks and really like it so far. The brush has got long rubber bristles (a lot of them) that also cover the rounded tip. These make it ideal to cover the lashes of the outer corner of your eye. The bristles do a good job of covering and separating every lash. A word of warning though: I poked myself in the eye a couple of times trying to get to the base of my lashes – the bristles are a bit longer than those I’m used to. The formula is not bad at all. I love loads of mascara and this one does not clump, even when I apply a third coat. The brush helps of course. You need a couple of coats to get more volume (not as much as I expected though), but the mascara lengthened my lashes with just two coats. I also haven’t experienced a lot of flaking.

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