I have had a lot of eyeshadow in my life-time already, only not wanting them because they did not live up to their ‘STAYING POWER’. Then one day being at the store where I usually buy my make-up goodies, I was browsing through the Revlon make-up and decided to take only one of the Revlon ColourStay 16 Hour Eyeshadows for now. The natural colours I use the most, and I always replace an eyeshadow if it is nearing a year of usage. When an eyeshadow gets old, microbes are minute and are in the powder – but not visible to the naked eye.This can cause bacteria to get into the eye and in turn cause infection.It is therefore more sensible to always buy a single holder of one pallet colour and not a big holder with 12 colours in. Some colours will be used up far quicker than others-while others are not used, microbes causing bacteria to settle in the powder, can then transfer microbes to other colours. But this handy little pack of only a few of a colour shade, it will not go to waste. It is a unique creamy, yet a powder eye shadow. You can actually feel it’s richness.It is an eyeshadow with STAYING POWER, as it should be. All the colours are there that you need in one quad of a certain SHADE. Everything you need to add depth or to highlight. Each SHADE comes neatly packed for you, able to choose for when you travel ,it is so compact you will be able to travel with ALL THREE COLOUR QUADS, and still have place for all your other beauty needs. Always remember to wash you applicator regularly as this will keep it free from bacterial microbes and keep your eyes free from any infection. Looking good,will take you just a few minutes daily. Revlon ColourStay 16 Hour Eyeshadow are so easy to apply – even for a beginner. On the backside of each pack it tells you step-by-step HOW TO APPLY,  so that you too can have those gorgeous looks just like those in a magazine. Don’t waste money on cheap eyeshadows that do not seem to cling to the skin,rather buy quality,that you are able to feel,and see. Invest in more than one applicator, it will come in handy. Blending well is crucial when applying eye make-up, so take a little more time with this. Be daring and apply those lovely deep colours at night, it will transform your looks. After all when you look good-you feel good too. Make-up with quality stands out, it will last a good few months. Open your eyes-to a good eyeshadow.OH! by the way, always apply a little foundation also to the upper lids, this will help so that you have a ‘BASE’ to apply your shadow. Any residueof the shadow will not collect in any creases now.AND apply a small amount of shadow at a time, so it is easier to BLEND,BLEND,BLEND. A well made-up face is never to over-apply. You go girl, take to the streets and enjoy!