Let me start off by saying “ OH MY GOD!” Every time Revlon South Africa launches a new product in South Africa, it gets better and better and BETTER. I think we’ve officially came across the best product Revlon can offer us, introducing Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor. I love how everything about this lipstick screams CLASSY! The lipstick is packaged in a gorgeous matte tube, with a shimmering soft matte silver lid, with a package like this, the lipstick is definitely going to get some admirers.

As soon as you open the tube, the deliciously sweet scent hits you, it is a subtle vanilla scent, a scent so yummy, you can’t help but catch yourself sniffing this liquid lipstick a few times just because it smells so good. The applicator gets a big THUMBS UP from me, it is a paddle applicator, which means you get enough product on both sides of the applicator, so you can coat your lips in two coats of this matte lipstick.

Here comes a little bit of the disappointment, the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour isn’t 100% matte, yes it leaves lips with a gorgeous velvety colour, but to me it isn’t completely matte, which I don’t have a problem with at all… in fact, I find it much more comfortable to use to work on a daily basis, and the colour last through the long boring meetings and the quick lunches.

I have the shade 635 HD Passion, which is an eye catching dark pink colour, the perfect shade for a girls night out, or a quick lunch date, for me… this shade is my everyday to go lipstick, since purchasing it, I’ve worn it everyday to work for two weeks so far, I think I’m a little obsessed. I love how the lipstick sits so comfortably on lips, without creasing, no fading and best part.. no flaking off or tight feeling like your lips are facing a drought.

To make sure you get the best look with the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour, make sure you exfoliate lips regularly because it makes a HUGE difference, and apply a thin layer of lip balm first and lightly blot your lips, so your lips are moisturised before you apply the lipstick.