I bought this product about a week ago as part of a cute gift set tin. I love that this product can be used as a cheek stain as well as a lip stain, my skin however already has a red undertone so I don’t use it as a cheek stain, but have used it everyday as a lip stain.

To use as a lip tint: Dip the brush into the bottle and “paint” lightly onto your lips.

You will be left with a soft rosy stain, that does not leave any type of residue on your lips, a balm can be put on top of this product after a few minutes.

In conclusion, this is my go to lip product, as I do not like lip sticks as they tend to be sticky and drying and do not last as long as this stain. The product does have quite a hefty price tag but will last a long time so don’t be put off. A small trial tint is also available for around R175 at Edgars.