1st of all, the smell of this whole range reminds me of a better time. I get this really warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside when I smell it but I have no idea as to what I am remembering. Love it! Anyways, this product works really well. It is very affordable for the great treatment you get. It makes my dry/frizzy hair feel smooth and silky. Sometimes after rinsing it out you feel like you just can’t get it out because your hair feels slimy like the product is still stuck in there when in actual fact it’s not. That is just how soft your strands get. One thing I don’t like though, is the container. They aren’t very user-friendly when your hands are wet and soapy as one tends to get in a shower or bath. The product is thick and rich so I understand the application here but I would have loved to have it in a squeeze out tube where I didn’t have to juggle it in my wet hands. But the product itself though, great for long hair. I also found that at times my dark hair seemed darker after use as if freshly dyed.