When I heard the Dove Haircare range was coming to South Africa I was very excited. I had previously been given a few product by a friend who resides in the UK and loved them. My first purchase of the new South African range was this hair mask, and boy oh boy was pleased! As soon as I applied the product to my hair it instantly felt softer and smooth, and that’s before I had rinsed it off. Once my hair was dry it was shiny and manageable. I have very curly hair that is prone to frizz and dryness but the hair mask seemed to fix all those issues.

I heat style my hair and on straightening my hair after using this hair mask it was smoother and shone like never before. I would definitely recommend using this mask if you heat style your hair often as it has made such a difference to me.However, I use very little product which I’m sure is much less than recommended. I think that if you were to use too much of this product it could weigh your hair down as it is very thick and concentrated. Overall a great beauty find.