I’ve been a fan of these for a long time. They look natural and they smell great. French Vanilla is my favourite, but the organic range does absolutely nothing for me. They had a pomegranate flavour that tasted nothing short of disgusting. I hated that one.

Although Softlips is definitely one of my favourite lip balms, there was once a range called Lip-Ice Kissables… they had them in three flavours, I think. Berry, Cherry and Melon (or one that was in a green tube, I can’t remember the flavour so well)… This was my all-time favourite lip balm, and I searched for it for a long time before I realised they’d actually taken it from the market. It really was the best for me because it left absolutely no residue when kissing. There is nothing worse than being kissed by someone wearing gloss! As much as I love dishing out affection, I do not want my friends to be left with oily cheeks. This is why I prefer lip balm… just wish they’d bring the Kissables back. Feeling all nostalgic just talking about it! Does anyone else remember this range? Let’s start a petition to bring them back! :D

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