I received this plumping gloss to review and was pretty darned excited – I love plumping lip products!

I have the slightly pink shade, and I won’t lie, I opened the package almost immediately to test it out.

It smells nice, tastes slightly minty and is very very sticky. Too sticky in fact. I do prefer my glosses to have a slightly more ‘buttery’ texture so that they feel moisturising too, but this didn’t deter me.

After a while, the gloss starts to tingle very slightly, in a pleasant way.

I don’t think that it definitely plumped up my lips, but it made them FEEL more pouty, and the high shine definitely does make my lips look and feel slightly fuller.

While I didn’t enjoy how sticky the gloss is, it lasts for absolute ages on the lips, which I did really like. Due to this, it’s become my makeup bag staple, and is always with me in case I forget a lipstick or other gloss for the day!