Having long hair means that I have to always go the extra mile when it comes to preventing damage from occurring. So coupled with healthy diet and good hair products, I can honestly say that my hair is my best feature. So that means that I will always protect it from its biggest foe: heat. Heat in the form of blow-drying and dread I say the wonderfully addictive flat iron. GHD has come a long way in terms of reformulating the former heat protecting treatment which made my hair an oil slick. After being advised by my hair stylist, I decided to give this product one last try and boy was I impressed. I was left with sleek hair which didnt reek or looked as if I had an oil treatment. I felt safe knowing that my valuable locks were being protected by this amazing product. What is good to note is that this product was designed by the makers of GHD flat irons so they know about what high temperatures their hair irons reach and they know the best way to protect hair. excellent product at a decent price which just needs a spritz to protect!

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