Hello Hi fellow Beauty Addicts!

I wouls like to chat about the Essence lipstick I’ve been using for a couple of months now, the sophisticated “Cool Nude” lip colour. It makes me feel like a Kardashian. It looks so natural on my lips and leaves my lips moisturised and hydrated long enough. Alothough I must admit I have to reapply it twice in 2 hours. Besides that, I love the fact that it doesnt cake up, which means no uncomfortable/awkward lip movements most ladies suffer from to avoid caking of lipstick.

The packaging is quite cute, black chubby_ish tube with a touch of the actual lip colour when the tube opens. and the name of the lipstick is placed under the tube with a sticker twhich matches the lipstick colour. Making it easy to remember which colour you’re using. It looks so good, trust me, people will want to know the brand and the name of your lipstick!

Thats it from me, happy lip colouring!