This is my everyday foundation as I have oily skin. The matte effect is truly beautiful and the coverage is medium, with the option to layer to full coverage without becoming cake-y. This foundation is relatively long-lasting, I would require no touch-ups at work but if I were to wear it in to the night I would touch up here and there.

The formula is liquid and prone to stroke marks if you are using a brush, but with a sponge this product is a dream. It matches my skin tone exactly, thus requires no blending with other colours.

While on, it photographs relatively well depending on your application. The price is very attractive given the benefits.

I am at the end of the bottle and am facing a bit of the (what I call) “toothpaste tube effect” – I have to squeeze at odd angles to get the last bits out. With a pump, this would be an ideal product.

You should definitely try it out.