Id never used a lip crayon before, admittedly I ordered it because it was there and it was reasonable priced, after using Avon’s Ultra Color Lip Crayon for the most part I was pleasantly surprised.
Firstly I love that its not shaped like a regular lip stick, its a cute, little, chubby stick thats not bulky and fits in the tiniest of purses. It has a wind up mechanism but im always forgetting to wind it down before replacing the cap. With the Ultra Colour Lip Crayon I can avoid those ugly smudging on the cap that totally ruins your lipstick because theres so much space in the cap so I dont have to worry about being forgetful anymore.
It has a rich colour and comes in some very lovely shades, red is my favourite. Im not really a fan of the glitter in the lip crayon, it looks beautiful when im wearing it but im constantly aware of it on my lips and its kind of annoying but I’ve heard it comes without the glitter so im willing to over look this.
It has shea butter in it but its not as moisturising as I had hope, it doesn’t necessarily dry out your lips but I was expecting ultra softness.
It smooth and application is easy ans it just runs on. I find that I dont have to constantly reapply the colour stays put thoughout the day. Despite my few grievances ultimately I do love the product, the end result looks beautiful.