I have the medium-brown shade of this nifty product, and I really like it! One end has a twist-out pencil. The “crayon” is quite creamy and very thin but not brittle, so it doesn’t break off or crumble when you apply it. It lasts very well through the entire day and the colour I have is ‘realistic’. Because the pencil is so thin, it really looks natural when you fill your brows with lots of tiny strokes, and best of all…no sharpening :). On the other end, the cap contains a cushioned “pouch” of brow powder inside the little cap, whilst the end has a rubbery pointed applicator to apply the powder with. I only use the powder in conjunction with the pencil for special occasions when I’m wearing a full face of make-up. Overall, I really like this product and will more than likely repurchase.

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