I struggled to find a sunblock to use on my so survive acne-prone skin. After starting on Occutane I had to start using a sunblock to avoid complications from the treatment, I tried many many brands, but found that they tended to be really oily until my pharmacist recommended Vichy, and I have it a try, it’s a SPF 50+ hypoallergenic, and not oily at all, made for sensitive skin it doesn’t irritate or redden my skin at all. With UVA and UVB and skin cell sun protection!!
Also this sunblock doesn’t leave my face with a white or blue tinge and to top it off its paraben free!! I love this sunscreen so much that I use it on my little ones whole bodies as I believe that protecting them early on will prevent problems as they age.
Ladies, if you are having a problem finding a good sunblock give Vichy a try, you won’t regret it