I really love lip glosses which give lips a good volume, mainly because fuller lips look more plump and pouty but not too trout pout because nobody likes fish lips. I’ve been searching for a good lip plumper for a while and I’ve noticed that GOSH cosmetics had a really good lip plumper, and I was eager to give it a try.

I chose the colour Raspberry Galore because it was a deep pinkish red mix which gave a lovely colour over my lipstick. I wore it alone and it was a cute shimmer pink with a high glossy finish. I was surprised, my lips looked slightly fuller and more plumpy than they normally looked, I was really excited.

However no matter how glossy the lip gloss was, and how much volume it gave lips, I felt it was a bit too thick and heavy for my lips, and it left my lips a bit too sticky when I used it by itself, but with the lipstick it wasn’t as sticky. Once the gloss was out, I used a make up remover to remove a slight tacky (moisture layer) from my lips.

On the bright side, the gloss is water proof and even water can’t move this gloss, however this gloss isn’t transfer proof and spreads the sticky gloss everywhere. But if you really don’t mind the thick gloss or slight sticky feeling then I would recommend you give this gloss a try. It comes in a hard plastic tube with a lovely applicator which gives a perfect slick of gloss. And if class is what you’re looking for then this gloss is perfect because the lid has a soft touch black cover which feels extremely smooth to the touch, I really love it.

If bright Raspberry isn’t your colour, there’s many more colours to try, because this product comes in the following 8 irresistible colours:
01 Soft Coral
02 Cherry Blossom
03 Tea Rose
04 Juicy Orange
05 Red Stiletto
06 Raspberry Galore
07 Burgundy
08 Nude