These Incoco nail appliques are absolutely amazing. Once you get the hang of it (which is quite easy because you can reposition them a bit), it literally takes me 7 minutes to do my nails! On the website there are amazing designs, for both the adventurous and the classic lades. Only problem is, I cant seem to find them anywhere, and to order from the USA is hideously expensive. If I can find a steady supply with many design options I will never paint my nails again. I get multiple comments on how stunning my nails look daily, and it really lasts for almost 2 weeks. The French Manicure looks better than a salon mani, and if you don’t constantly bang your nails on everything even this natural finish will lass along, long time. Go for it and try it! Let’s all demand a steady supply of this wonderful product! I even keep the pieces cut off to later use as funky French tips on a base colour, just be sure to squeeze the air out of the packet,and seal with sellotape, that prevents it from drying out.