Here are my thoughts regarding the Lip Ice shimmer up paparazzi plum and strawberry shock.
They both come in attractive enough packaging for a Lip Ice product. The tubes are nice but the fact that they are glossy make it difficult to open when you have just applied hand cream.
The colour pay off of these products are average enough for a lip balm. Paparazzi plum leaves the deepest colour, but I still wouldn’t call it plum as it is just a pinky-purplish colour that it gives off. Strawberry Shock has barely any colour compared to my natural lip-colour. It doesn’t full-on colour your lips like a staining balm, But does provide that faint colour that’s nice when you are too lazy for lipstick upkeep. I am not impressed by the shimmery aspect as I generally go for matte lipsticks and balms.
Both balms smell amazing! Paparazzi plum was my favourite.
They last 2-3 hours and I must say I wasn’t very happy for the condition in which they left my lips. I exfoliated my lips before the time so that there was no dry skin on my lips. After applying this lip ice it sort of like dried off and left my lips with those little skins that look so horrible under lipstick. I definitely don’t feel like it moisturised my lips better than another product.
If you’re after a product that will slightly tint your lips and provide tons of shimmer, go for it.