Extra products: Do I really need them?

Friday, 23 August 2013

Do you really need to use a lot of skincare products?

Do I really need all the extra skin care steps or can I stick to the basics?

Thank you so much for your question. Yes, all the products and the marketing that goes with them can be very confusing! If you are happy about your skin and how it has progressed, I suggest you stay on the products that you have as it will be unnecessary to add on additional products to your regime (if it already gives your skin the result you are looking for). If conditions like fine lines and wrinkles are starting to become more of a concern to you in the long term, adding on additional anti-ageing products would be advisable for those SPECIFIC concerns. But there is no need to be using everything under the sun if your skin is healthy and looking the way you want it to look.

Granular exfoliators tend to make your skin sensitive if used too harshly and depending on their formulation, some granular exfoliators can even be damaging. At Skin Renewal we offer an Enzymatic Exfoliator from Nimue and Cathepzyme (also an enzymatic option) from Lamelle. Both of these enzymatic exfoliators are highly effective and they are certainly less sensitizing than granular exfoliators. You would apply them while you are in a hot bath or in the shower (the steam surrounding you, helps to activate the enzymes). After about 3 – 5min, you would dampen your fingertips and gently massage the product on the face for also about 3min, as heat and friction stimulates the enzymes to work. You then simply wash the product off and that is that. Chemical exfoliators, such as chemical peels are better done in the clinic where it is being applied and removed by a trained professional.

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Dr Maureen Allem is a GP with a special interest in Aesthetic procedures and Integrative Anti-Ageing Medicine. She is also the founder and Medical Director of national group Skin, Body and Health Renewal and Oasis Spas, with 17 centres and four Oasis spas across South Africa's major cities in Johannesburg, Pretoria, the Western Cape and KZN. Anti-ageing treatments include non-surgical, anti-aging procedures, cellulite and weight loss programmes as well as body sculpting procedures. The ultimate aim of all consultations is to provide optimal health and to restore aesthetic beauty. Health Renewal appointments involves an hour long extensive medical consultation which includes hormonal balancing, nutraceutical supplements, intravenous support and detoxification treatments. Dr Maureen has seventeen Doctors working with her using the same techniques she has spent years honing. Dr Maureen frequently travels overseas to World Anti-Ageing Congresses and Laser Forums to stay abreast of the most up-to-date non-surgical procedures.

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  1. Pseudo_kate

    I’m waiting to finish up my Dermalogica Microfoliant so that I can make the switch to Nimue’s exfoliator.

    6 years ago •

  1. CherylGD

    It’s always great to re-read these articles as they are so informative and always relevant, especially with summer coming and wanting healthy glowing skin

    6 years ago •

  1. Mpoyif

    Who has time for extensive beauty regimes?? Pre-babies probably…Those were the days..

    6 years ago •

  1. Tasha

    I was wandering if basic is enough or is it time to add some other bits and pieces? Looks like I stick to mostly basic ( a bit stretched out basics though ;)

    6 years ago •

  1. Monahadi

    LOL I read this article hoping that I would get a solution to my problem. I buy everything under the sun. But I hardly have time to use everything… I think I need help? *SIGH*

    6 years ago •

  1. Zellikinz

    I’m happy with my garnier products, although I love to try out new products.

    6 years ago •

  1. Livvy

    I basically think that it would depend on each individuals skin type as well. I don’t have problem skin, but I’m a beauty addict, so I try products on low maintenance. I basically am very picky when buying new products. I listen to a lot of reviews before I go out and buy, so it all helps.

    6 years ago •

  1. Queen Shai

    This is great advice and in a time when there’s a new and improve product on the market every other day, it’s good to know that sticking with what works actually still works.

    6 years ago •

  1. me

    Thank you, good to know all is not a must.

    6 years ago •

  1. Pseudo_kate

    I’m happy to keep it simple, as long as I have a proper cleanser that strips makeup but preserves the natural moisture in my skin, and have a face cream that offers sun protection.

    6 years ago •

  1. ABeauty

    I agree, there are so many new and wonderful things on the market one doesn’t know what to use.

    6 years ago •

  1. NaturalDiva

    This is such an appropriate question considering that every skincare house is creating hundreds of “must-have” products. Thank you for clearing this up!

    6 years ago •

  1. Sammy

    That’s a good question, great advice.

    6 years ago •

  1. Miss Addy M

    :-) Glad I asked that. So many products and information it makes you feel so overwhelmed and you actually end up buying something you don’t need.

    6 years ago •

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