Treatment of the month: Soprano ICE Laser

Monday, 3 July 2017

Treatment name: Soprano ICE Laser Hair Removal

What it is: Soprano ICE is an all in one, multi-package that gives you the most complete and effective laser removal solution available. This laser hair removal solution promises the permanent reduction of hair regrowth by killing off the stem cell of a hair follicle. The Soprano ICE allows treatments to the widest range of patients and hair types all year round, administers treatments quickly and comfortably, and achieves the best possible results. It combines the benefits of the Alexandrite 755 wavelength, a Nd: YAG 1064 laser with the advantages of a 810 diode laser.

Place: U’CHIQUE Body Sculpting, Unit 2, The Alcove, 1 Craigrownie Road, Bantry Bay, Cape Town

Recommended retail price: R278 per upper lip per session

What we say: All I’ve ever wanted were eyelashes that didn’t require an entire tube of mascara to make them visible. I was in the wrong queue the day facial hair was being dished out and got a luxuriant moustache instead. I’ve spent more money and time than the average man over the past 15 years on its maintenance or, more precisely because I’m a girl, it’s non-maintenance. I’ve tried bleaching, waxing and threading it away – but like that guy who just doesn’t get the hint on Tinder, it always comes back. So I was super excited to try this treatment, which promised between 80 and 90 percent permanent hair reduction.

I usually bombard my therapist with loads of questions about the procedure before she gets started but the incredible Eunice Grobler beat me to it and explained the process thoroughly. I filled in a questionnaire, which allowed her to analyse my skin type. Skin colours are graded on the Fitzpatrick scale from one to six. I’m a two and six is the darkest tone. Most lasers can treat up to a type 3, but the Soprano ICE can treat all skin tones successfully. We discussed my concerns, as well as what I should be doing to maintain the area after the session. It’s important to fill out the questionnaire as accurately as possible because there are lots of factors that could affect your treatment. Things like hormones, medications, sun exposure, vitamin supplements or the use of any product containing essential oils could all effect how you treatment should be done.

She started by popping a pair of goggles on me, so I got a bit of a fright when she started dry-shaving my top lip.

After years of having to grow out the hair for other treatments I’d assumed the same goes for this treatment. But I was supposed to have depilated by shaving the day before.

It is imperative that the hair is present in the shaft (no waxing or plucking for three weeks – although shaving is allowed) as the laser uses light energy to destroy the stem cell by heating the hair in the base of the hair follicle.

Eunice slathered my top lip in a cooling gel and applied the laser. I braced myself for some form of pain. Unlike most other laser hair removal systems, Soprano ICE takes comfort to a new level, gradually heating the hair follicles while providing a virtually pain-free hair removal procedure, thanks to the cooling Dual ChillTM technology built into the device.

It started out cold and then I felt a gentle increase in heat and slight warm prickling sensation. Eunice quickly cooled the area down by adjusting the settings.

This highlighted the biggest factor when opting for this treatment – you need to make sure the provider is well skilled and knows how to use the equipment efficiently. Don’t be tempted by a cheap special offer. Price doesn’t always reflect the quality of your therapist (some salons have lower prices in cooler months for obvious reasons), but these are pulses of laser light zapping at some of your most sensitive areas. Do your homework!

Five minutes later, it was done, and Eunice applied a soothing cream with a SPF to the area.

I went for the second treatment a month later. There had been some patchy regrowth. It’s important to remember that the treatment is most effective when the laser is done within the Anagen or growing phase of the hair follicles. Therefor your appointments should be scheduled up to six weeks apart, depending on which area of the body is treated. On average, four to six sessions may be needed depending on the density, area and thickness of the hair and other factors mentioned above.

It was as painless and quick as round one. About two weeks later I developed one ingrown hair, which was easily treatable. The most incredible thing! All that’s left of my moustache is a fine fuzz which is incredibly sparse. I have no doubts that none of the little furry suckers will survive the third treatment.

I cannot recommend this treatment enough – it’s perfect for all body areas including face, neck and bikini ­– my armpits are next on my hit list. For the grand total of R1 112 for 4 treatments, I’ve managed to fix a life-long problem, and I don’t have to face my monthly threading torture any more.

Helpful tips to ensure effective hair removal results:

* Laser hair removal only treats the hair follicle when it is in the Anagen or “growing” phase, necessitating treatments every six to eight weeks.

* Best results for laser hair removal are obtained when there is no previous sun tan or sun exposure on the treated areas.

* Not observing the guidelines, especially about sun exposure after a treatment, could lead to hypo- or hyperpigmentation that may last for three months.

To book an appointment, call U’CHIQUE Body Sculpting on 082 829 4060 or visit for a full list of treatments and prices.

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  1. Gail Swart

    This really sounds amazing. I guess I will go to the website and hopefully make a booking. And winter seems the best time to receive laser hair removal due to the minimal sun exposure.

    2 years ago •

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