Small changes = big results

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Winter brings with it all sorts of things – cold weather, warm fires, and getting stuck so deep in the couch you couldn’t be bothered to get up off the couch on a lazy Sunday afternoon. But there are ways to have your cake and eat it too.

Here’s how to have (most) of your cake – and get fit too, with a few easy trade-offs.

Portion control

Instead of ditching the chocolate altogether, why not try downsizing? Trade your jumbo bar in for a regular size bar – you’ll get all the taste and half the calories!

Fun ways to get fit

If pounding the pavement for hours is your idea of hell, try some fun ways to ‘cheat’ physical activity into your day. Organise a weekly soccer game in the park with friends, try a dance class or take up something you’ve always wanted to try out, like karate – you’ll still be burning calories, but it won’t feel half as grueling as running the treadmill.

Easy exercise plan

Take the hard work out of scheduling an exercise plan and learn how to get fit the incidental way. Incidental exercise is exercise that can occur naturally and is not necessarily planned – that includes stuff like walking to the bus and pushing the trolley to the far end of the car park. So why not try getting off the bus one stop earlier, parking your car further away from the supermarket or using the stairs at work instead of the lift? It’s the perfect way to get fit, without even trying.

Sweet swaps

Swap your nightly dessert for an equally sweet but way less caloric treat. Try a diet dessert (there’s a huge range to choose from in supermarkets) or make a drool-worthy fruit salad and top with a decadent scoop of velvety low fat yoghurt. Your hips will thank you for it.

Originally written by Leanne, this article appeared on BeautyHeaven.

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Megan Kakora has helped launch the websites of, and been the online editor for, some of South Africa’s biggest glossy magazines. She believes in less-is-more, except when it comes to her collection of nail polish colours.
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  1. Pseudo_kate

    Agreed. Going cold turkey hasn’t produced the best long term results for anyone. There’s no problem with eating a few naughty things as long as it’s kept under control.

    6 years ago •

  1. Leana

    Failing to plan ahead is planning to fail. With winter coming up my mom and I have already decided to hook up for 4 gym sessions and 1 jog session a week. And so far so good. She’s lost so much weight and this makes her want to go on with our plan. And I’m looking more toned. Loving it!

    6 years ago •

  1. Tasha

    I can say that small changed do make a difference. I have been taking stairs for some time now and already feeling much lighter…

    7 years ago •

  1. Guccigirl

    It’s amazing what a huge difference little changes can make. I can attest to this!

    7 years ago •

  1. Le Noir Pearl

    My sister gyms only in winter,come summer we feel like elephants compared to her. Last weekend I went to buy new jeans at woolies,I ignore the regular size 30 I used to wear and tried 32 only to have it stuck mid thighs. I left the shop so quickly like a tornado. Lol I refuse to wear a 34. I’ll go back when I’m a 32 at least

    7 years ago •

  1. Maddy

    great tips for winter, gosh cuddling in bed under blankets always sounds nice than workout.

    7 years ago •

  1. Mpbutterfly

    I have pulled myself out of the rut and started spinning! Fab music and great workout!

    7 years ago •

  1. beautyaddict

    I kept to my diet so far through winter.. i guess if i can do it now.. it would be a breeze in summer.

    7 years ago •

  1. Rochelle Stewart

    I love food so portion control is very difficult for me

    7 years ago •

  1. Lady-T

    I’ll give it a try, thanks for the tips

    7 years ago •

  1. Chicara

    It’s just so hard to get started. I need to start shedding this winter fat. :(

    7 years ago •

  1. wyona

    Getting rid of the winter kilo’s is definitely on my summer menu.

    7 years ago •

  1. Samantha

    Thank you for the tips, it is very helpfull for a sugar addict like myself

    7 years ago •

  1. Charne

    Great Article. Thakns for the tips. Will defenitely try this.

    7 years ago •

  1. Zu

    Easy and realistic!! This ones for me!!!

    7 years ago •

  1. Charles

    It’s been very hard to exercise this winter :( It’s freezing!!! Hopefully it will get easier to be active when spring arrives!

    7 years ago •

  1. DIVA

    I like the incidental exercise, as I dont like runing at all,

    7 years ago •

  1. Anita

    I am trying to find ways to make exercise fun, but not always easy to find the time.

    7 years ago •

  1. Humphreys

    Easier said than done! I just cannot seem to get myself into an exercise routine!

    7 years ago •

  1. Sam

    I normally fall into this rut. Thanks for the tips, I’ll definitely give it a go.

    7 years ago •

  1. Botes

    I alwAys struggle going to gym in winter but I found doing joga gets me my exercise and the rooms are nice and toasty!!!!

    7 years ago •

  1. Rochelle Kay

    Thanks for the tips! Almost time to shed the ‘winter flab’!

    7 years ago •

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