Question: Question from Sindiswe

Why do I keep getting stray long hairs growing on my cheek, and sometimes on my chin. I keep tweezing them but they do eventually grow back sometimes.


Hi, Sindiswe. Facial hair in woman is caused by hormonal disturbances. Testosterone is broken down into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body and excess levels of DHT can cause symptoms such as facial hair, acne, thinning hair or balding, and cysts on the ovaries. You will never get rid of this hair by tweezing, waxing or even laser as they will always come back. The only solution is to treat the hormone issue. It is often driven by high blood sugar and insulin levels, so a dietary change will be required. Test your insulin levels and start treating it if needed and avoid sugar and refined carbs. It is possible to treat the hormones but you would have to consult with a doctor that really understands hormones. If you need assistance with this please make an appointment with one of our Health Renewal doctors.

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