Maison Berdoues has been developing perfumed creations for more than a hundred years, applying French high perfumery’s hallowed practices. The fragrances are the result of a unique know-how and an uncompromising stance.
Our mission: to select noble materials, to find the richest variety, to seek out every specific substance where it is found in its purest form, and where it naturally delivers the most exquisite aroma.
Twelve blends of rare character have been distilled from this garnering and through the innate expertise of our perfumers.
Twelve compositions celebrating noble ingredients while creating sublime alchemies. The apparent lightness of these eau de parfum reveals beautiful intensity and sheer refinement to bring us eleven eau de parfum worthy of the Grand Cru appellation, distinguished by the exceptional seals on their bottles.

Each Grand Cru expresses one world’s region and offers a unique interpretation of its olfactory identity.
Our perfumers have composed a harmonious palette, giving birth to a deliciously complex, full and balanced collection of fragrances. Each offering incomparable roundness and intensity that remains intact as the hours drift by.
The very first waft conjures up a voyage, an immersion… The essence of a country through the evocative power of a perfume that stirs the memory or kindles the imagination.
Then subtle nuances – woody, fruity, floral or spicy – emerge in aromas of extreme delicacy.
Discover a line of eau de parfum fragrances combining freshness, elegance and refinement for men and women searching for sublime authentic emotions… that only Grands Crus can provide.

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Berdoues Collection Grands Crus Guaria Morada

Berdoues Collection Grands Crus Guaria Morada

Be transported to the Costa Rican rainforest.