BioNike’s allergen-free formulation philosophy was adopted in the 1990’s. Originally created in the 1960’s, BioNike’s strategic decision to address and protect sensitive skins was motivated by the increase in skin allergies being experienced in industrialised countries.

The four main allergens were narrowed down to nickel, preservatives, fragrance and gluten.  Taking serious cognisance of this issue, BioNike took the lead and positioned themselves as specialists in the field of research, formulation and marketing of dermocosmetic products focused on sensitive, allergic and reactive skins.

BioNike products are highly effective and are based on our “allergen-free philosophy”, that is products with no preservatives, no fragrances, no gluten and nickel tested. In fact, nickel, preservatives and fragrances are well known skin sensitisers that are responsible for triggering contact allergies.

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