The story begins in 1925 with a small leather goods and fur atelier opened by Edoardo and Adele, via del Plebiscito. Seven years later, the storyline continues to develop with the first showcase boutique in the prestigious quarter of Parioli. It reaches a climax in 2005 with a magnificent Palazzo, between the via Condotti and the via del Corso, in celebration of the brand’s 80 year anniversary.

No doubt about it, the Fendi story is profoundly and intimately linked to the city which first saw it appear, establish itself and then triumph: Rome. From the beginning, Fendi gorged itself on this opulent past in keeping with the splendours of its own tradition: sublime leathers, exceptional furs and couture finishing put the designer label into the firmament of the finest luxury arts and crafts. A place it has never left ever since.

And yet, in parallel, Fendi never ceases to project itself forwards. At the instigation of its women, the brand makes innovation an absolute requirement, modernity an absolute must. This is how the bold and iconoclastic treatment of the leathers made the two Fs in the logo become synonymous with another: F like Fendi, F like “Fur”. Later they were to form the world famous clasp on a revolutionary bag… the “Baguette”.

Somewhere between respect for tradition and the bedazzlement of modernity, the Fendi story continues to be written in the present tense. Honouring the past while constantly keeping one project ahead.


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