Santhilea Magnetic Lash

The 1-2-1 Lash Extension System is the alternative to false lashes and extensions. Designed to give you full impact, glamorous and long lashes, it won’t let down the rest of your makeup by smudging or clumping.  Magnetic Lash contains luxury hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to nourish and condition, this means it doesn’t just make you look fabulous, but is good for your lashes too. The mascara is also not a heavy paint, so it is easier to remove than ordinary mascaras. It won’t smear across your face, so no need to rub the delicate skin around your eyes. This helps prevent wrinkling and staining of the skin. Lashes are not pulled out by harsh rubbing. A modern mascara for the modern woman. Be amazed, be beautiful.

Santhilea Magnetic Mascara

Santhilea Magnetic Mascara

Looking to lengthen and volumise your lashes? Then you need to try this product...

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