Laboratoire SVR was established in 1962 by visionary French pharmacists – Simone and Robert Veret. They started SVR with a single aim in mind – to create ‘beautiful skin’. What was born was an unrivalled skincare brand when it comes to effectiveness and tolerance. This can be attributed to its formulation of leading dermatological active ingredients, at the highest dosage possible, without affecting skin tolerance. SVR is the most concentrated dermatological brand and is 100% tested on sensitive skins. Today, SVR is prescribed by dermatologists in 45 countries around the globe while remaining true to its values and its core reason for being – to create beautiful skin. An authentic, ethical and sincere approach combined with reliability and outstanding quality was enabled the brand to bring leading skincare products to the market, for all skin types including the most sensitive skin.

SVR is suitable for all skin types and addresses issues such as:

Delicate / sensitive skin
Oily / acne-prone skin
Dry skin
Rough skin
Ageing skin

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