black|Up 2 in 1 lip pencil

This 2 in 1 lip pencil comes with a pencil sharpener and a jumbo lead. It’s the perfect beauty accessory to get a sophisticated colour scale and redesign lip volumes. Applied to the entire lip, it makes a base to even out two-tone lips, intensify lipstick or lipgloss or increase make-up hold. Its semi matt texture covers the lips in beautiful veil of luminous velvety colour and provides long lasting hold. Available in 12 shades.

Availability: Black|Up counters nationwide

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17 Responses

  1. These colours are gorgeous ! I will have to try them out… they are bold and daring, just like me …

  2. I had won 2 of these pencils from Beauty South Africa (THANK YOU), one brown and one purple. Since I am dark the purple hue didn’t match my skin tone. The brown on the other hand I loved. It glides on smoothly as a liner or a lipstick. It lasts quite long and comes with its own sharpener which is great because of its jumbo size. My mum had hijacked the pencil from my cosmetic case on several occasions because she loved it as well. Slowly and sneakily it moved from my cosmetic case to hers and now that the pencil is on its very last legs (it cannot be sharpened anymore) she has been hinting to me that she wants another !

  3. This foundation is one of the best things to ever happen to me. Available in various shades that range from 1 to 15, I got the colour number 14….which is perfect for me.

    The foundation has a thin creamy consistency that is easy to squeeze out of the tube. The foundation is very easy to blend into your face and does not create streaky lines if you blend it in well. I use my fingers for this foundation as it gives me control over how much to apply and it makes blending in the foundation much easier.

    I absolutely love how PERFECT my skin looks after applying this foundation. Normally, the foundations I have tried give me a grey-ish and unnatural looking finish. But this one makes me look like I am glowing from within. The slight red under-tone of the foundation looks better on my skin than the yellow under-tone of most other foundations.

    Also, because it is a cream foundation, it is perfect form my dry skin.

    You need to be careful not to touch anything when you use this foundation and be prepared to spend a minute or two thoroughly washing your hands if you use them.

    This foundation gets a 10/10 from me!

  4. I have this lip pencil in Jum03. It is one of the best 2 in 1 products because it truly does what it promises to do and is of high quality at an affordable price. It really lasts and has a rich brown colour which I really love. I usually use it with a lip butter or clear gloss and it makes my lips look amazing. Jum03 is also good for making my lips look smaller and I love that effect. It is Perfect for giving lips an even tone and that is another reason why I love it so much.

  5. This amazing little pencil is nifty and super cute, the actual pencil is slightly thick, and comes with two lids. One lid opens up a sharpner to keep your lip pencil in tip top shape, while the other lid opens up your amazing lip pencil.

    When applying the lip pencil to your lips, it has a sharpened curve, which helps getting a perfect fit around your lips and Cupid’s bow. The reason the lipstick is called 2 in 1 Lip Pencil, is because it can be used as a lip liner or a lipstick depending on your mood.

    The colour I received is JUM04 which stands for Jumbo Pencil colour 4. The colour is a beautiful nude mixed with a red and once it goes onto lips it gives lips a lovely burnt peach look. The best thing about the lip pencil is that it gives lips an amazing velvet feel once it’s applied onto lips. And the box does state “This 2 in 1 lip pencil (sharpner provided) glides on the lips to both define contours with high precision and coat lips with an intense semi matte veil”. Which is exactly what it did, my lips felt like they were coated in a silky mixture without feeling thicker heavy, which is what I like, because I can’t use lipsticks which make my lips feel thick and waxy.

    Glides on smoothly
    Has a slight shine finish
    Doesn’t feel heavy
    Doesn’t need a lot of reapplication

    Does transfer onto glass wear.

    Unfortunately the lip pencil does leave traces behind, but a lot of the colour stays onto lips, so this 2 in 1 lip pencil has officially become my new favourite lippie:)

  6. This looks great! Also seems to be quite a bit of space to play around – matte, gloss, lined etc. What is the retail value?

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