Africology Anti-Oxidant Serum


A patent Anti-Aging serum, it contains vitamin A Palmitiate for increased collagen and DNA stimulation and improved texture and elasticity. DMAE helps protect the cell membrane keeping cells intact and preventing skin damage and ageing. Works wonders in treating thin, aging skin around the lips and eyes.

Price: R500
Size: 30ml


3 Responses

  1. I have been using this serum for 3 months. I apply it religiously before moisturiser & makeup in the mornings. My skin does feel more plump and look more radiant throughout the day, and on the odd night when I have fallen asleep without washing my face, I have not broken out, which was a surprise. I adore the beautiful, classy packaging as well as the natural, uplifting scent. The white milky product absorbs quickly into the skin, which is certainly a plus when you’re in a rush to get your face done and go out. Love it!

  2. Africology Anti-oxidant Serum is one of those “seeing is believing” products. Because the combination of the words anti-oxidant and serum describe a variant in many skincare ranges today, it was not without some skepticism that I began my trial of this product. Admittedly, I was more than a little interested in its 100% natural essential oils descriptor (it contains marula, African potato, rooibos and aloe vera), but the results are the real selling point. I have dehydrated skin so perhaps the difference after application is more noticeable for me. I had to try it for a couple of weeks to convince myself that I wasn’t imagining the effect. At night, in particular, when the day’s stresses have taken their toll and lines and wrinkles seem more evident, Africology’s Anti-oxidant Serum magically makes them disappear. In the morning, another few drops applied before moisturising felt like a much-needed boost for the day ahead. A little goes a long way, and it really works! – Debbie Hathway

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