Avon ANEW Genics Treatment Cream

Avon has discovered you have a youth gene too, so you can be one of those women who never seem to age. Any woman can look up to ten years younger with ANEW Genics Treatment Cream and their patented YouthGen Technology. Inspired by the discovery that everyone has a Youth Gene, the Genics formula is designed to stimulate your Youth Gene’s activity, which slows down with age.

What we say:
‘For the first time, at 51 years of age, I am beginning to experience an unusually dry skin (natural ageing, I know…sigh). Quite a shocker since all my life I have enjoyed a natural moisture balance. For the past six weeks I have used ANEW Genics Treatment Cream and I am delighted to report that it has made a remarkable difference to the look and feel of my skin. My skin now feels moist and comfortable, rather than dry and taut. I noticed especially that it performed well under my light day make-up.

‘Unfortunately the Treatment Cream comes in a pot which is slippery to handle (especially early morning).’
– Gill


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  1. It’s always useful to learn about new products for mature skin, especially if they are competitively priced.Mature skin products tend to be unduly expensive in comparison to younger skin products and you seem to need more of them!

  2. I tried this product, absolutely fantastic. It really made a difference. Little bit expensive but worth-it. Would recommend it. The bottle is also very attractive.

  3. I received a full sized sample of this product from a rep and I must admit I was very skeptical, because I have always shied away from bands that are sold directly and prefer high-end products for my skin regime. I was pleasantly surprised! During winter my skin becomes s dry that I constantly have to moisturise, and I found that this very well priced product moisturised my skin better that any of my regular (much more expensive) beauty products. I am 40 now and I find it very effective and it features in my daily routine now. I also find the container quite attractive and modern and clean looking, definitely a superior product disguised as a bargain buy!

  4. Im very lucky as my daughter-in-law is a rep. I get samples from her at least 4 times a year.
    This product is great especially for the over 50’s. I love its creamy texture. It works I can vouch. But alas most people over 50 cant really afford this range as it is a bit pricey. Yes I also found the pot is slippery to handle. But if I could afford it I would buy it.

  5. Overall I like Avon products, have not yet tried any of their treatment creams. Thnx for the info on this product.

  6. im a avon rep and this is a really popular product, some find it pricy but worth the buy

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