Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer

It’s the End of Colour as you know it! The intense rich colour of a lipstick, enhanced by a satin smooth shine. It’s neither a lipstick nor a gloss… It’s bigger than both! Long live the colour! Rimmel Apocolips is available in eight shades.

Price: R99.95
Availability: Selected Foschini, Edgars, Clicks, Dis-Chem stores

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41 Responses

  1. Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer is a fabulous product. It adds intense color and shine that lasts for hours. To me the product is the perfect combination of lipstick, gloss and stain. Apocalips feels great on lips-no stickiness, flaking or bleeding. Two thumbs-up for affordability!

  2. I have the shade “Out of this world” and its a beautiful, pigmented pink gloss with shimmer. I love that this gloss can be worn on it’s own without a lipstick. Its easy and convenient, but smells and tastes awful.

  3. Lip Lacquer’s are having quite a moment currently. These Apocalips are some of my favourite lacquers as the bolder colours provide a punch of colour which is really striking. I always get asked what I am wearing when I wear this.

    The doe-foot applicator makes application relatively easy if you are well practiced. Lip lacquers tend to be fiddly if you make a mistake so best to work carefully.

    The feel on the lips is good, however after a full 9 hours of wear I look forward to removing it. It doesn’t dry out the lips per se, but just starts feeling uncomfortable. However for shorter days it is great.

    The pigment is stunning, and the lasting power is a few hours given that you don’t eat or drink much. I tend to reapply about 3 times during the work day with regular drinking and eating.

    This does tend to bleed a bit if a lip liner isn’t used, so I’d suggest pairing it with one.

    My favourites are Big Bang and Apocaloptic.

  4. This lip lacquer comes with an after gloss to help seal in the colour. It lasts the entire day and never smudges.

  5. The ombre effect on the tubes are quite pretty and eye catching.. love the use of black since its not a typical lip gloss package colour.
    It does work well as a lipstick and a gloss in one. I however find it a bit “heavy” on my lips as I usually wear only one or the other and never both.
    The gloss isn’t oily or greasy though which is nice.. no one wants frying pan lips!
    I woudn’t say it’s long lasting but even when the gloss rubs off the colour does stay.
    I have the Phenomenon shade and the Apocaliptic shade in these.
    I find the Apocaliptic shade far too bright and too much for me though.. I prefer more natural and softer looking colours.

  6. I have used the shade “Galaxy” which offers a lovely, subtle pink colour. This is perfect if you’re looking for a colour that’s not to loud. The only thing I find is that it does dry my lips out a couple of hours after applying, but I just apply a clear gloss over the existing colour and I’m good to go.

  7. This must be one the best lip colours that I have tried of late. It produces the most wonderfully intense, vivid colour and it doesn’t dry your lips out, so lips remain soft and supple. A definite must-have in any make up bag.

  8. I’m not so into lipstick, I’m more of a lip gloss kind of person, but I absolutely love this! It gives your lips a plumper and matte effect. Try it!

  9. I tried this Lip Lacquer in the shade: Out of This World. I thought the slightly dark pink shade would look good on me…. but it did not.

    I looked to white and did not give me the full coverage I hoped for. I think it was a waste of money for me…

  10. So I’ll begin with the confusing part first… “It’s neither a lipstick nor a gloss… It’s BIGGER than both! ”


    This was one of my shopaholic purchases because I really didn’t need it but I was dying to try it out. Infact I only purchased this product because of the packaging. its a two toned black and colour (the colour of the lip lacquer) tube with a black lid and silver writing, I found this was by far one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen. It can easily fool you by first glance, but this sexy little hand bag number is here to stay. It looks like a simple lip gloss which has a vibrant shade, however when you apply this lip lacquer it has a rich colour, smooth glossy look and a sexy satin finish for all night long.

    I purchased the lip lacquer in the colour Big Bang, which is a deep red lip lacquer. I was completely unaware of what surprises this gloss had for me. When I opened the very pretty tube, I noticed a large application brush for perfect application, the brush had a slight curve and dip so you can achieve a perfect, flawless lip lacquer application. The actual product is something like a gloss stain which I like, because nothing says “flawless” like glossy lips with long lasting colour.

    When I applied the lacquer to my lips, I could feel a lovely smooth feel, I spread the gloss quickly thinking it would set in, however the gloss stains lips to a lovely colour, while still keeping that beautiful shine on lips. I’m not exactly sure how long the gloss lasted on my lips, but it was around three to four hours.

    PRO’s and CON’s
    Long lasting colour
    Available in 8 vibrant shades
    Doesn’t dry out lips
    Lips feel like satin
    Lips have a glossy shine
    The lip lacquer is affordable
    Perfect applicator brush
    Lip lacquer has a stopper to only allow the perfect amount of gloss that’s needed – Perfect so you don’t waste

    This product stains!!! KEEP AWAY FROM CLOTHES when applying
    It’s a bit stubborn to remove, even with make up remover
    Not everyone may like a staining gloss on their lips

    Overall I love this product, and I would really recommend everyone give this product a try. If long lasting colour and a sexy glossy look is what you’re looking for, then this gloss is most definitely for you. Plus it’s really affordable at R89 a tube, because it will be really long lasting and you don’t really need to apply much to lips.

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