Azzaro Club Women EDT

Azzaro Club Women EDT

A fruity and sensual fragrance to be enjoyed until the early hours of the morning. The Oriental electro facet offers passion fruits bright tangy tones blended with pomegranate’s luscious, smooth and exotic notes. The nocturnal facet is a mellow and addictive after-party with a soft cashmere wood, creamy black vanilla and velvety crystal musk.

Price: R595
Size: 75ml
Availability: Department stores nationwide.

What we say:
When I first smelt this fragrance I really wasn’t a fan. Initially it smells really strong, with a very heavy musky scent which made me think I was accidentally trialling a perfume for men.

I’m glad I gave it a few chances though because it really has grown on me and that musk is actually in fact an electric burst of grapefruit which I’ve ended up liking a lot. The initial heavy scent fades into a long lingering mellow scent which is gorgeous and quite reminiscent wood & vanilla.

The bottle is also quite interesting, with a lid that resembles that of a mirror ball which is pretty apt considering the name of the fragrance.
– Nicky, BSA Sales Executive


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