Benzac AC 5 Gel

Benzac AC 5 Gel

Benzac® AC 5 contains benzoyl peroxide, and it is used on the skin surface to combat pimples. It is available in both a gel form for smaller areas such as the face and a wash for larger areas such as the shoulders, back and chest. Benzac® AC 5 is a benzoyl peroxide formulation which uses the Acrylate Copolymer Dual Action system. The special acrylic bead formulation absorbs excess sebum to reduce oiliness, while it releases glycerine to hydrate the skin. It is the No 1 topical spot treatment in pharmacy and is clinically proven to kill 95% of acne causing bacteria in just 5 days!

Availability: Clicks, Dis-Chem and independent pharmacies.

What we say:
I first tried this spot treatment after I read about the benefits of benzoyl peroxide, and I am completely blown away by the results. Whenever a spot appears, I apply this product under my moisturiser. It drastically improves the blemish overnight, and with consistent use, it disappears completely within a couple of days. In the past I have made the mistake of applying too much of it, and that has left my skin dry and resulted in peeling.

The trick is to use a very small amount and to let it dry completely before you apply your moisturiser. This helps hydrate the area so that you’re not left with any dry patches. Whether you have bad breakouts or just struggle with the occasional spot, this is a treatment you should definitely consider – I’ve never come across another product that clears the blemish as quickly as this one does.
– Anien, BSA Content Editor


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  1. I have just started with the product – I will post another follow up comment with my experience and results.

  2. Being a mom to two and almost at my thirties, I would have thought that I was past pimples. But that was not the case. A friend of mine had suggested I give Benzac AC 5 Gel a try.

    I was impressed firstly at the price being really affordable – this was a product I could easily add to my monthly beauty purchases without exceeding my budget. As directed, only a small amount of gel is needed for the pimple. The gel itself is smooth, odor-free, easy to apply and absorbed really quickly, leaving no residue. The pimple was drastically reduced in size by the next morning. I was also impressed that my skin tolerated the Benzac well without any dryness or any side effects.

    I have now been using it at night for a month, only ever needed when a pimple arises and I am very impressed with the Benzac AC 5 gel. It is value for money and a little gel goes a long way! It works really quick and is my overnight miracle product.

  3. I had break outs on my face and it was very embarrassing!
    My sister had introduced it to me, and I was very happy with the results it produced. It cleared my skin and it gave me my confidence back with having flawless zit-free skin.

  4. I was recommended by a friend to try Bezac AC5 gel for my daughter. She has pimple break outs and this as worked wonders on the effected areas. She applies it at night only, as the skin tends to dry up. Amazingly after use of the cream for a few weeks, no scars of the pimples are seen.

  5. This is my favorite zit zapper. It really works unbelievable quick. I would go as far to say that when you wakeup and you have a zit you can apply it and about an hour and it’s dried out.

    I would not recommend to apply it all over your face if you have just a few bumps rather just put it on the spot with your finger or an earbud.

    Either use it with a moisturizer or leave it on for a few hours and then wash it off.

  6. There are few acne products that actually produce effective results, and this is one of them. If you are like me and have had problematic skin for many years, then you would also have accumulated a lot of information on products and what actually has evidence of working. Benzole peroxide does work. Will it work for everyone? No.. because people’s faces and skin differ. People can be severely sensitive to certain products natural or otherwise. You have to read up as much as you can. And you have to try things to see of they will work for you.

    This product is definitely worth it to try out.

  7. I absolutely swear by this product. This is so great for when you see a little spot, just aiming to enlarge. I apply it to the spot immediately, and the next day the spot will be smaller. I also have the problem of picking at my spots, it’s such a bad habit. I have seen the South African model, Chelsea Rose using this product, and she recommends using it. So don’t wait for the spot to take over, just Benzac it!

  8. I use this along with the cleanser and the daily moisturizer. It works really well. It dries up the pimples. I would recommend not to over do it because I made that mistake, and my face was dried out and itching.

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