Black Chic Mega Black Permanent Hair Colour Crème

Black Chic Mega Black Permanent Hair Colour Crème

Black Chic Mega Black is a specially formulated, non-drip colour crème with a smooth consistency and a lovely fragrance. This colour crème gives your hair beautiful colour and a dazzling shine that you can flaunt with confidence. Mega Black guarantees 100% grey coverage and is safe and easy to use. It contains no ammonia therefore it is less harsh on your hair. The post-wash conditioner contained in the pack leaves your hair smelling fragrant and looking beautiful.

Price: R14.99
Availability: Selected retailers.



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4 Responses

  1. I got a change to test the black chic, i loved it. easy to mix and apply… took only 25 mins and i had beautiful shiny black hair. And best of all it did not dry out my hair like some hair dye’s does. I will use it again

  2. I received this hair colour in black few weeks ago to try and test it on my hair of which I did.
    I’m loving the natural black color it gave me, it was so easy to use did not drip at all not forgetting not messy.
    It did not smell funny, wasn’t itchy on scalp and hasn’t caused any skin irritations thus far.
    It’s affordable and convenient to use.

    I love it.

  3. I used to love this product while I was still in high school cause I had an Afro back then. It gives your hair a dazzling shine and leaves it with a smelling fragrant.

  4. Thank you BSA I just received this product today and I am looking forward to try it our on my natural hair.

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