Black Opal True Color Liquid Foundation

Enjoy a flawless complexion and a marvellously matte finish with this liquid foundation. Although it has a light formulation, apply as much as you need on any given day, to get the sheer to full coverage that you desire.

With its oil-free and lightweight formulation,  this foundation can be worn comfortably throughout the day. Easy to blend, it moisturises the skin while keeping that unwanted oil slick at bay.

Price: R199
Availability: Selected retailers.

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One Response

  1. This is an oil-free liquid foundation in the shade Nutmeg, and in all its shades, is made for oily skins. The foundation comes in a thick 34.5ml glass bottle. This I found to be problematic since there is no other extra packaging (perhaps a plastic or cardboard boxing) to protect the glass bottle should it accidentally fall or get knocked up against something.

    The foundation itself does not have any sort of unique smell – it has the same kind of smell as any other liquid foundation has, which is neither off-putting nor pleasant. The foundation isn’t too runny. You would still need to use a foundation brush or a beauty blender to apply the liquid, but it isn’t the kind of consistency that would surprise you by running out far too quickly the first time you tip over the bottle.

    The product is aimed at providing the wearer with a flawless complexion and a matte finish. It is said to be a light foundation that provides sheer coverage, which can be built up to fuller coverage if needed.

    I have combination skin (oily T-Zone), and normal on the cheeks and chin.
    The first time I used the foundation, I applied it on top of both my day moisturizer and sunscreen. Not a great idea to apply it along with the sunscreen – this particular sunscreen is oily in itself. Within two to three hours of having applied the foundation, my forehead was as shiny as new full moon! I had to keep blotting throughout the day. The makeup didn’t hold to my skin as smoothly as I would have liked and looked as if it had been applied in a blotchy manner.

    The second day of use, I decided to leave out the sunscreen and apply the foundation on top of my day moisturizer. A much better result! The makeup took to my skin fairly well and I had finally got that smooth and silky finish that I like to see. The oil control on my forehead had improved immensely – so much so that I only had to blot twice the entire day!

    I use makeup every day, except on weekends. So I make sure I use my products in such a way that they will last as long as possible. Using about just about a pea size is enough to provide me with the coverage and smooth finish I want and need. In a nutshell, how long the product will last is entirely dependent on the wearer and their beauty needs in terms of coverage, occasion, and so on.
    Initially, after the first use of the product (with use of the sunscreen), I was not so sure if I would recommend it as a repurchase item. Not because of the oil problem I experienced throughout the day, but rather as a person who considers sunscreen such an important part of skin care. The foundation itself does not contain any SPF so I would want to be able to apply my own sunscreen under the product. This would mean I would have to search for an oil-free sunscreen that is geared towards oily to combination skins. In addition, I am not too keen to layer makeup by use of a powder on top of the foundation. I prefer to keep my makeup light.

    With use of a sunscreen, that will help combat oiliness, I would say this foundation is great. It looks great when applied and does not require too much time spent on blending it – especially if you have the right shade for your skin. I love the fact that I don’t have to mix foundation to get the right shade. Nutmeg is on the money!

    I would have to concede that the product isn’t great in helping with oiliness, although it’s geared for that kind of skin. I felt and experienced that its oil-free ability was tested and to be frank, it didn’t quite stand the test. So if you do have oily skin, look to use matte products under the makeup, as well as blotting papers if necessary.

    Other than that, I would say it is a repurchase item purely based ion the beautiful, silky and smooth finish it gives. Great product that evens out skin tone and gives just the right amount if coverage, so your look is still fresh and natural.

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