Blistex DCT

DCT keeps your lips in perfect condition every day of the year, in all climates, through all activities.

Smooth & Supple Lips: DCT nurtures your lips with two proven moisturizers, aloe and cocoa butter, plus vitamins A & E. DCT softens and smoothes the surface of lips to help them look and feel young. DCT helps to prevent and replenish moisture-starved cells that can occur from daily exposure to dry air and other environmental conditions. It also offers SPF20 protection.

Price: R59.95
Availability: Selected pharmacies and retail stores.


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  1. I originally bought this for my daughter but it has now ended up in my handbag permanently. It gives me instant relief when my lips are red and burning. I also use it before I go to bed and wake up with soft lips.

  2. Blistex DCT, curing my chapped lips 24/7. I love this balm and am quite embarrassed at the collection I have amassed. I have a pot in every handbag, on my bedside table, in an office draw, name a spot and guaranteed there will be a Blistex! I have continuous dry chapped lips, especially in winter. I found that this is the only product that really soothes my lips. The SPF 20 protection is a plus as well.

    The only negative of this product is the medicinal smell, that smells rather like herbs, I don’t imagine that this will be to everybody’s taste but the product as a whole moisturizes wonderfully and keeps dryness at bay.

  3. I am an avid lipstick lover. I wear it every single day. I am all about the matte lippies which means that I put my lips through hell most of the time. Matte lippies are very drying and even with proper exfoliation every night, they still start flaking and cracking over time. I tried so many balms and nothing could save them at their worst. The pharmacist suggested I try Blistex. I could feel relieve on my sore lips from the first application and the best part… no irritation around my mouth which tends to happen often with trying new balms. I will never again be without my Blistex balm and I never have to stop wearing matte lippies either.

  4. It does a decent job at moisturising lips but the effect it’s not long lasting. I would not recommend this for extremely dry lips. I have tried more effective products.

  5. I suffer from dry lips in the Winter months, and this product really changed my world this Winter. In the past I always stayed away from wearing lipstick in Winter because I feel it draws attention to the dry lips, but since using the product daily, I can wear whatever lipstick I like…even a mattifying lipstick! I absolutely LOVE the fact that it contains SPF 20. The scent is fairly strong, kind of a tea tree / camphor type smell, but it doesn’t bother me at all. One can feel it tingle slightly on the lips just after applying it (I assume a sign it is working its magic). After applying the wax-like product, it leaves your lips looking quite glossy and feeling very soft, and best of all…the SPF doesn’t make your lips white or cause a ring around the inside of your lips. I will continue to re-purchase this product!

  6. I personally LOVE this product, it’s literally the only lip balm that has helped me with the chapping of my lips. When applied, it burns quite a bit but as you use it often, it doesn’t burn that much. It doesn’t have a nasty smell to it, I actually apply it before bed and allow it to repair during the night, when I get up my lips are as soft as butter and all the dry pieces then fall off. I have seen results in a week but I have continued using it up until this day to maintain how lovely my lips look and feel.

  7. I have very full lips and they tend to really suffer from exposure to the elements.
    I usually have at least five different types of lip balms at any one time – but when this product was recommended by a make-up artist, I thought I found the ultimate product, she was raving so much about it.
    Unfortunately, I found my lips to be constantly flakey when using only this product.
    It gives a nice subtle gloss, so I will still use it over another more effective lip balm, but I can’t use it by itself.
    I do love the smell of this lip balm though!

  8. Small, simple and nothing like it! This is the perfect lip moisturizer to take everywhere and anywhere!

  9. Such a great every day lip conditioner and it makes your lips super soft and nourished.

  10. This lip balm was a life saver while I was on Roaccutane, as the treatment is so drying on the skin but especially on the lips. My lips didn’t turn super pink like many experience on the treatment. I’m off the treatment now but I’m still loving it. Blistex DCT = soft pillowy lips!

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Blistex Nurture & Nourish Lip Protectant

Blistex Nurture & Nourish Lip Protectant

Exceptionally healthy lips, inside and out!

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