Johnson and Johnson Body Care 24 Hour Moisture Extra Rich Body Lotion

Johnson’s 24 Hour Moisture Extra Rich Body Lotion is enriched with extract of cotton flower, shea butter and a drop of oil. It will moisturise even dry skin for 24 hours, leaving it feeling beautifully soft all day long.

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24 Responses

  1. Here in Uganda we nolonger have that product yet it was my lotion. And if it is still there please direct me where it is because I have tried my level best but it is no where to be seen.

  2. I am very picky when it comes to my body lotion especially in summer months. I can’t stand getting out of the shower, putting on lotion and feeling sweaty and greasy within minutes. Having extremely sensitive and dry skin, most lotions on the market do just that. But not this lotion. It is a very thin lotion that glides one easily. It is so liquidy that it is almost too easy to use more than you actually needed. It takes no effort to absorb into your skin and once it is in, it’s in. NO greasiness, NO sweating out all the lotion your skin just took in. A bonus? The smell is so nice! To me it almost smells like a mix between their classic baby lotion and a perfumed body butter. The easy to use bottle makes feeling fresh and moisturised all day long so effortless.

  3. Luxurious, great smelling,long lasting softness. Product feels rich and indulgent. Packaging could definitely improve as with all Johnsons and Johnsons Adult Products. Its time for them to up their game. Yes we all know your claim to fame is baby products but lets step it up a little.

  4. this body cream smells and feels so good on the skin, it actually gives me such a peaceful sleep when applied at night, leaves my skin feeling soft the entire day, also allowing you to smell great!

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