Bio-Oil Body Oil

Bio-Oil is a specialist skincare oil that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone.

Bio-Oil Skincare Oil is the world’s leading scar and stretch mark product. By harnessing the power of science and nature Bio-Oil Skincare Oil is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Its potent formulation combines four plant extracts, two powerful vitamins and the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil™, to create a light and non-greasy dry oil that is easily absorbed into the skin. Bio-Oil Skincare Oil boosts elasticity and helps skin stretch by keeping it hydrated and supple, and promotes skin regeneration by supporting and restoring damaged skin.

This specialist skincare oil is recommended for
Surgical / caesarean scars
Burn scars
Minor scars caused by bites, grazes or acne
Pregnancy stretch marks
Adolescent stretch marks
Stretch marks caused by rapid weight gain / loss

Application for scars
Massage Bio-Oil Skincare Oil into the scar until fully absorbed. Apply twice daily to help keep the scar hydrated and to soften the scar tissue. Use Bio-Oil Skincare Oil in conjunction with MicroporeTM tape for surgical or caesarean scars, to ensure the scar matures into a thin, faded line. Do not use on broken skin.

Application for stretch marks
Massage Bio-Oil Skincare Oil into areas prone to stretch marks twice daily, for a minimum of 3 months, to improve skin elasticity. During pregnancy, apply Bio-Oil Skincare Oil at the start of the 2nd trimester. Massage into the breasts, abdomen and hips twice daily to help skin stretch.

Bio-Oil Skincare Oil is dermatologically tested, hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic, paraben-free and suitable for all skin types.

Price: 25ml – R44.99; 60ml – R104.99; 125ml – R159.99; 200ml – R229,99

Availability: Clicks, Dis-Chem, pharmacies and select retail outlets nationwide.


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  1. I was always so afraid of what my stomach would look like should I fall pregnant. I have horrible stretch marks on my lower back and upper thighs. I started using bio-oil at the very beginning of my first pregnancy. Two kids later and not a single stretch mark on my tummy. It truly is amazing. After applying the product you have to wait a bit as it can leave oil marks on your clothes. It has a pleasant smell. I have recommended it to both friends and family.

  2. This has helped me get rid of acne scars. It did take a few months but the wait was totally worth it! I’d definitely recommend this product for anyone wanting to get rid of those acne scars. This is an amazing product ❤️

  3. I burned my chin with very hot coffee. Strange, I know. I had this very dark patch/mark and it was annoying me. to cover it up I used a concealer but the problem was not solved. I ended up using Bio-oil Body oil for my face for two months and the mark disappeared.

  4. I have had three pregnancies and Bio Oil is the only oil I have used in all three. I have no stretch marks and my skin looks amazing even after stretching so much.

  5. I used this during my second pregnancy and my stretchmarks were reduced more than after my first. My eldest fell and had really bad scrapes along the side of his face, applied it three times a day and there is NO scarring left over. My husband had a cut on his nose and it healed perfectly using this miracle product.

  6. I started using Bio-Oil as soon as I learned that I was pregnant. I never developed stretch marks during my pregnancy as expected, I believe it is because my skin was always moisturised and protected at all times through using the oil. I applied it once in the morning and evening after taking a bath.

    I stopped using it after giving birth because I reached my goal which was the only thing I was worried of. At this point in time I do have stretch marks but they resulted from my fluctuating weight gain and loss, but they are not that bad so it’s nothing to worry about.

  7. There is not a single woman in S.A that does not have some experience with this product. Whether it be for stretch marks, dry skin, pigmentation and more. It is a Proudly South African product that is a staple in most women’s beauty cabinets. This is your first go to product once you find out you are pregnant. I sometimes mix the oil with my body lotion when I am feeling especially dry and use it all over. I have also added it to baths in the past along with some lavender drops for luxurious relaxation time. I love the product however, I do wish that they would bring out a pump dispenser bottle. When my hands are oily, I don’t like screwing the cap back on and off as it just gets it everywhere. Other than that, it is a top notch product.

  8. When I started getting stretch marks at first I bought this thinking it would change the appearance.
    It did. But only if you applied it every day, I used it after the fact so it lightened them but didn’t prevent them.
    When I stopped using it the scars just reappeared.
    The price for me is high and the quantity isn’t a lot for daily use. I like that it is non-greasy and absorbs quickly but this was a letdown.

    For a short term fix this worked but in the long term it’s just a cover up.

  9. Okay, so let me start by saying I’m a skeptic. In order to crack a nod from me, a product needs to really be something legendary, and I can honestly say this is one of them. I started using Bio-Oil to help reduce the effect of marks and I was amazed the visible results in such a short turnaround time (it was under a week) This product is so versatile that you can use it for a variety of applications. Whether it be a treatment for marks, prevention of scarring from scratches (those with kids will relate) or even an alternative for body lotion (yes ladies..try and apply some over your legs for a silky look)…I would recommend this product to both male and female alike.

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