Mama Mio Boob Tube

For a dive-in cleavage with a smooth, firm neck, you need to nourish and protect this delicate skin on a daily basis. Enter: Mama Mio Boob Tube.

Designed for the pregnant ladies out there, it’s dubbed ‘Wonderbra in a Jar’ as is loved by celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Sienna Miller and Kirsten Dunst. It’s safe to use while pregnant or breast feeding, but avoid the nipple area, Boob Tube doesn’t taste very nice.

But you don’t have to be expecting, it’s also for us (non-pregnant) ladies who want to prevent sagging. Any one from the age of 18 to 80 can use this product as a daily maintenance cream – one day you’ll thank Mama Mio. By applying it once a day from your neck down to below your boobs, you can help create a smooth, firm décolletage and neck. We all know this area of our body tends to give way to gravity and is also regularly exposed to the sun. Mama Mio’s Boob Tube is rich in CoQ10, which maintains strength and structure of collagen fibres.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get better, Boob Tube doubles up as a facial moisturiser, is great for post-bust surgery and even pre-bikini season.

What we say:
I’ve heard so many great things about this product and how fantastic it is that I thought I had to try it, and share with everyone else. I believe that prevention is better than cure. Why not start looking after our bodies from an early age? We’re all going to get old, but we can age gracefully.

Every morning after my shower I applied two pumps under my chin down to below the bust area. Mama Mio’s Boob Tube absorbs quickly, is non-greasy and smells really fresh. After a month of using it, I can already notice a difference. My skin is smoother, more hydrated and firmer. I will definitely be thanking Mama Mio in the years to come.

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19 Responses

  1. Lucky ladies – being a male I wouldn’t really not know the pro’s and cons of this product. :-))

  2. This cream really delivers when it comes to keeping your ‘assets’ feeling firm. Its deeply nourshes the delicate breast area and coupled with a few minutes of massage, proves to be quite realaxing. This product is a tad expensive but believe me, your breasts will thank you in many years to come and a little really goes a long way. I normally purchase my stash from Wellness Warehouse.

  3. I really enjoyed this product, particularly when used with the creme shower gel.
    I find it a little pricey, but am willing to pay because it is paraben free.

  4. I got a sample of this a while ago. Sinks nicely into the skin and made my neck and chest feel lovely. But the sample wasn’t large enough to determine if it had any real firming abilities.

  5. I’ve used the Mama Mio tummy rub and I was very impressed. They’ve got a great range of products! Can’t wait to get my hands on this.

  6. Wow this sounds to good to be true, which salons keep them, please can u share with us a contact number thank u

  7. Thanks for sharing! I love to gettng updated on whats latest when it comes to. Beauty products, anti aging etc. it also nice to know that there are products like this concentrates on the area where aging is visible like the neck area. I wonder i this can be use also to smoothen the tummy after pregnancy…

  8. Wow this seems like an awesome product, thank you for the review, going to give it a try

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