Bourjois 1001 Cils (1001 Lashes) Mascara

Bourjois mascara

1001 Lashes says it all… Build up your lovely lashes and get flirty flutters in an instant.

Price: R119.95

What we say:
I love the shape of this mascara tube – it’s all odd angles and, like, ARCHITECTURAL. But I really don’t like the shape of the brush. It’s also all odd angles and architectural but I’m not sure what the makers are trying to achieve. Apparently, the “revolutionary” double helix brush (patent pending, nogal) has twelve rows of bristles so that it works on every single lash including the little itty bitty ones hiding in the corners of your eyes. Hmm. I just found that it made some of my lashes longer than others. So I found them a bit odd and uneven – although they were admittedly longer. I did though, love the shiny black colour it made my (now long, but uneven) lashes. That would be the black quartz, I guess. So not an unreserved thumbs up, but still a mascara I am happy to use.
– Irene


2 Responses

  1. I’ve never tried a product from this makeup brand, so I thought I’d give it a go. What really caught my attention about this mascara was its brush. The bristles are short in some places and longer in others. So, I was pretty keen to see what the result would be once it was applied.

    I can’t say I was absolutely wowed by this mascara. Yes, it made a difference. It lengthened my lashes very well, but it didn’t plump up my lashes or give it that fullness I really want when using a mascara.

    I also found that it made my lashes clump together, making my lashes look like spider legs. I think this is because of the consistency of the actual mascara. It’s a bit too runny, so it doesn’t hold on to the lashes as sufficiently.

    Effective, but not the best mascara in my opinion.

  2. I love the look of the packaging… sleek and sophisticated. I like the bristles as I prefer plastic or rubber bristles. They just seem to separate my lashes better than the ‘traditional’ brush. The formulation is lovely deep black and it applies very smooth. It does not clump at all. After application, my lashes looked a bit longer and it gives quite a good curl, but alas, the volume was not quite what I expected.

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