L’Oréal Casting Crème Gloss

Internationally known for shimmering hair colour, L’Oreal’s Casting Crème Gloss contains absolutely no ammonia, giving you rich, glossy colour and intense hair care. With three new glossy shades, it has the deepest tones and more visible reflects.

What we say:
‘Loreal Casting Crème Gloss applied drip-free; more like a hair mask than a hair colour. It smells great (no ammonia) and didn’t damage my hair plus it was very gentle on my scalp. I love the results and even after a few washes the colour hasn’t started to fade. There was also enough conditioner left to use for a weekly treatment until my next hair dye.’
– Wendy


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  1. There are so many things that I love about this hair dye. It contains no ammonia, it washes out after 28 washes so there is no commitment and it makes you hair super shiny! It is also not damaging. It is a little bit more expensive than some hair colors but when it comes to hair we are dealing with our “crowns” here and I would just spend that little bit more to know exactly what I’m getting. I wish I started using this hair dye from the very beginning but I’m glad that I had the opportunity to try it.

  2. L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss – Plum

    I was excited to get the plum… I love wacky hair but I must say I was a bit disappointed in the colour. Its not as plummy as I would like. Inside (as you can see on the pics) you can hardly see the plum and in full sun it has more or a reddish-purple tone to it instead of … you know, purple.
    I had dark dye in my hair, which may have also altered the outcome.

    Anyhow, apart from the specific colour, the product itself was amazing.

    Things I loved:

    I was very impressed with the innovation of screwing your colour crème tube into the developer bottle and then squeezing. It is so cool. It eliminates the element of aim (and some spillage) since you don’t have to aim & squeeze to get it all into the tiny hole of the mixing bottle… like with other box dyes.

    There is a lot of dye… It was more than enough to cover my shoulder length hair.
    (I as trying the ombre effect on my hair and tried to apply a diluted mix to my roots, which didn’t have much effect. But that was my experiment… and leaves me with more experimenting to do, and a tale for another day.)

    The colouring time is only 20 minutes!! It cuts the usual time in half … which saves me from sitting in a tiny towel on a freezing winter’s evening for too long.

    It is indeed non-drip, however runny enough to get through your hair easily, but thick enough not to splatter everywhere.

    May hair looks glossy and full and the royal jelly conditioner is so amazing, I wish they would sell it separately. It smells so good and makes my hair shiny and pretty! ;-)

    Things I love less….

    I wish L’Oreal would bring out very vivid colours. I mean like… COLOURS… Think, Dark PURPLE instead of brown with a purple tone.

    I wish they were cheaper! :-( I tend to gravitate towards the cheaper hair dyes these days and still get good results! It also allows me to experiment and change without breaking the bank.

    However, the bottom line is this: If money was no issue and they had the colour that tickled my fancy that week, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this product again.
    I really really liked working with it and it’s better than most of others out there in the same price bracket.

  3. This is by far the best box hair colour I have ever used. It smells great, easy to apply, doesn’t damage my hair, leaves it super glossy and soft afterwards and the colour doesn’t fade as quickly as other box dyes. I absolutely love the conditioner that comes with it, I want to buy a gallon of it! I usually get the colour in Liquorish, and it has a great natural colour that compliments the skin tone. I’d recommend it to anyone!

  4. I love the L’Oréal Casting Crème Gloss hair colour. Firstly because it leaves hair in a better condition than you started colouring with, it leaves hair damage free because it contains no ammonia and the best part is… It’s semi permanent, so as the colour fades, you get more shimmering shades. I love the idea of your hair colour changing every time you wash it. I had this phase were I wanted a lovely purple hue, the L’Oréal Casting Crème Gloss in plum left my hair with a vibrant shimmering shade which lasted around 6 to 7 weeks.

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