Sh’Zen Cellular Boost for Neck and Bust

This nourishing massage cream is formulated to protect and rehydrate the delicate décolletage area.

What we say:
I never thought I’d be interested in using a neck or bust cream (well, not in my twenties anyway). Up until now I’ve been slack with this area of my body and only apply a sunscreen in the morning without any form of moisturisation. When this product landed on my desk, I approached it with caution as I wasn’t sure whether I needed it, but my curiosity got the better of me.

I started applying it twice a day by gently smoothing it into my neck and chest area. The product smells beautiful as it’s filled with essential oils, plus I like that is absorbed easily (there’s nothing as frustrating as rubbing and rubbing and nothing absorbs!). As I’m still quite young I couldn’t see that my skin was any firmer or plumper after using it for a while (this would only be visible if I were a bit older), but what I did notice was that my skin felt smoother, softer and a lot more hydrated.

I believe in prevention rather than cure, so I’ve decided to continue using this product in my daily body regime. I’m convinced it’ll keep my skin suppler and more youthful for longer, and the gorgeous scent it leaves behind doesn’t hurt either!
– Anien

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13 Responses

  1. This is a wonderful cream. I use it on my face
    When will it be on a special price. I normally buy 2 when its on a special price or rather will it still go on a special pice before end december 2020

  2. I highly recommend this product. It works like a charm. I have seen a huge difference and you notice the effects immediately. No matter your age, this is a must for every woman.

  3. This cream is fantastic for the neck, shoulders and bust. The aromatic smell lingers for hours leaving your body so comfortable.

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