Essence Colour & Go Quick Drying Nail Polish

Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish

Colour-intoxication with essence… and the 14 trendiest nail polish colors ranging from lemon yellow to orange to bright red. There’s something to suit every taste, mood and outfit! The flat brush ensures a smooth and easy application – for trendy nails with just one stroke of the brush.


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  1. I have had product on my nails for over 30years and now my nails are so soft. I started using Essence nail growth booster and have found it to be really helpful to repair my natural nail. Is there a proper routine to follow to get them healthy again. I have plenty of time now during Covis19 lockdown. Really impressed with your product so far.Thank you

  2. Essence nailpoish is by far my favourite and for a few reasons. The price range is reasonable, they have a great colour range, it has a great sheen to it and the polish lasts generally longer when following with the top coat. I always go to the intending to buy just one bottle and I end up leaving the store with 3 !

  3. I love doing my nails!!!

    Essence has an incredible range of Gel nail polishes in any colour you can think of.

    I have so many colours ranging from blues, pinks, pastels, brights and so much more.

    This Essence Range gives your nails that beauty salon look even though you did them in the comfort of your home.

    I do my nails every week and enjoy trying out all the new colours for every season.

    In order for your nail polish to last longer, I always use the following direction:
    1. Apply a base coat
    2. Apply 2 coats of the nail polish you desire
    3. Apply a top coat to seal in the nail polish

    You can purchase these at a Click Store in the make up department.

    The prices vary starting from R24.95 for a bottle.

    Happy Nails Ladies :)

  4. Whether it’s winter or summer, essence has the colour for you.

    There are a wide variety of colours to choose from to suit your style and personality.

    If you are more of a conservative girl than there are pastel colours, which are very subtle, yet it gives you that added elegance to your outfit.

    If you are a bold girl who isn’t afraid to go all out then there are bright and electric colours just for you.

    You can purchase these at any Clicks Store nationwide.

  5. As a youngster I used to bite my nails, I hated it and thought it time to stop. That was about 7 years ago, at the time I thought I buy “cheap” nail polish to polish my nails with to aid the process on. That was about 7 years ago. I love essence nail polish and can you imagine my surprise when this well-priced product lasted so much longer than most “high end” products. I own about 25 different colours and I often shop for new colours. I love the brush, the large variety of colours and I am amazed at how long it lasts. This is a product that I have become completely loyal to.

  6. What a cute bottle and the colours are a lot of fun too. I love the smooth strokes of the small brush and the perfect Gel-look finish.

  7. These Essence nail polishes are my absolute Fav! I have purchased most of them. Pair it with the drying drops and you achieve your perfect nail color in seconds

  8. I love the colours and their surprise shimmer, just wish I could somehow discover nail polish that only requires one coat and lasts longer that 3 or 4 days

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