Comfort Zone Skin Defender Cream

Comfort Zone Skin Defender Cream

Triple advanced protection. Deep nourishment. Silkier skin.
An advanced daily response which increases skin barrier strength thanks to a unique combination of SMARTVECTOR™UV (capsules of marine DNA containing vitamins C and E), Helioguard 365™, hyaluronic acid, and omegas 3 and 6, which represents a strategic and innovative approach against UV rays, biological stress, and environmental aggressions, for a deeply nourished and visibly restored silky skin.

Price: R870
Size: 50ml
Availability: Selected salons and spas.


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  1. I was beyond excited to try out this moisturiser, not only is it salon quality but it protects your skin from all the environmental stresses out there. Now you can rely on this moisturiser and go out knowing that your skin is fully protected from everything, even harmful UV rays, sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

    First impressions of the packaging is that this is a very good quality salon product. It is a huge container and is filled to the brim ( I have used salon products before and often found that the container was not full). So not only are you paying for an excellent moisturiser but also quantity. I love the smell of the moisturiser, it smells really fresh and kind of reminds me of the smell of Nivea. The moisturiser feels very nourishing and I enjoyed smothering it all over my face, neck and decollete. This is one of those cases where a little truly does go a long way!

    I did suffer a break out when I started using this product but in all fairness it has been a good few years since Ive used proper salon quality product on my skin and being in the beauty industry I know that this can be expected because salon products have the ability to penetrate so much deeper into the skin, so i wasn’t fazed.

    Overall I really enjoyed using this moisturiser, the smell, the texture, the fact that it’s really nourishing but once applied to the skin it leaves your skin looking matte, I hate it when moisturisers leave my skin looking shiny. I will enjoy using this product up until the very last drop :)

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