Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

An all-in-one product that gives a salon-perfect finish at home, with up to 10 days of long-lasting wear, ultimate care and fresh-looking shine.

Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure combines a base and top coat, strengthening and growth treatment and salon-inspired colour.

What we say:
‘The journalist in me secretly rubs her hands together in gleeful anticipation when I get sent products and their attached press releases make claims of “longer lashes in 2 weeks”, or “intense all day colour”, or in Sally Hansen’s case ” up to 10 days of long-lasting wear “. I was eager to get the 10-day challenge started, so when Day 1 came around I dutifully applied the shiny lacquer. Day 2 came and went, but by Day 3 I needed to remove the polish – receding colour along the edge of your nails isn’t very sexy.

‘Unfortunately the 10-day claim only lasted three days, but I must admit that I hadn’t applied a top coat. So on the second round of testing (top coat added this time), the colour lasted for four days – which isn’t bad at all considering all my other nail polishes begin chipping at the end of Day 1.

‘Aside from the long-wear claim, Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure does offer a glossy finish (yay) and a creative range of shades ranging from Plums the Word, to Cherry Cherry Bang Bang and even Good to Grape – perfect plum colours for winter. It’s one of the most affordable colours that doesn’t stain my nails and actually leaves them in a great condition once the colour is removed. My nails were left stronger, and even grew quicker – maybe that’s why the polish started receding at my tips?

‘I absolutely loved the double brush which completely covered my nail in just one stroke, as well as the elegantly designed bottle Sally Hansen colours have become synonymous with!’
– Megan

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26 Responses

  1. I’ve had varying results with this. The Sheer me now was a nightmare to use – it just never seemed to harden properly and required 3 or 4 coats to get a consistent, opaque finish. I recently bought Ballet Rouge that only needs 1 coat if applied carefully and it dried and hardened incredibly quickly. At R89 I prefer spending the extra R4 and getting Essie – which doesn’t have the harmful chemicals in them either.

  2. after seeing all this bad reviews im thinking twice of purchasing this product. Cutex is my *BFF* I have almost 100 bottles and like all brands but not thick ones, maybe the company should improve it and thin it out.

  3. Some of her cutex products are great and some are not, i love other brands the only thing that’s wrong with this product, it’s way to thick and takes a while to dry if you apply more than one coat.

  4. I love to wear nail polish, and for some reason i was never a fan of the famous Sally Hansen. Revlon got more and nice color range;
    Rimmel has the best brush, even Woolies nail polish brush has improved.

  5. Don’t like the cutex, but have to say the brush is very nice but i prefer other brands not very keen on Sally Hansen sorry way too thick and it does not last very long

  6. I tried polish with top coat but my nail enamel started chipping after 2 day but mine never last than 4 days because i have toddler and a young boy and i wash my hands lots in a day…Wish Wish someone comes with a polish good for mums on go.

  7. Always good products, but i would risk not putting a base coat to prevent staining and a top coat for longer wear. My home manis usually last longer than a salon mani!

    Maybe with a base and top coat it will last ten days? Also, winters cold weather and hot showers and washing of hands in hot water always wear down a mani. Maybe in summer it will last longer.

  8. I really don’t like Sally Hansen nail polishes. I find them very thick and not very opaque – so you need two coats to achieve a nice colour and cause of the thick consistency it becomes a disaster that takes ages to dry. It also chips quite easily. The only redeeming factor is the huge brush – it coats your nail in one stroke.

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