Inglot Duraline

A special transforming liquid (paraben free) that will change any of your powder products and compact eye shadows into a gel formation. Now you can use your favourite colour eye shadow as a gel liner. The plus factor is that it has good staying power, so your make-up will last the night. And a little drop goes a long way.


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  1. I would rather leave the make-up mixing to the experts. Not going to scrape off bits of my eyeshadow to create liner… Just buy them separately, I think. Pass.

  2. Fantastic innovative new product to try out for summer. Definitely on the wish list plus the Inglot sales assistants at Edgars are super friendly and well informed!

  3. I had no idea a product like this existed but I am itching to go to Inglot now to find out about it! Not only will I be able to create awesome gel liner looks, but I could probably get some nice defined eye shadow looks as well!

  4. With so many gel liners available I don’t think I will chance messing up my expensive products. It is an innovative idea though for someone who wants a more compact make up bag.

  5. I have Duraline and it’s an amazing product! It transforms any eyeshadow into an eyeliner. Just place a small drop onto the back of your hand, dip your eye lining brush into the liquid, and then drag the brush over your eyeshadow. You can also layer the product to make the liner more vibrant or darker. I had fun in the summer playing with bright and shimmery eyeliner! This process will leave a film on your eyeshadow, so I do suggest that you scrape a little powder off the top of the shadow and pick it up with the wet brush.

  6. I usually use a little water on my brush to create a liquid… but this looks good – I wonder what the ingredients are…

  7. I have never used this product but i love the forward thinking technology Inglot is coming up with! I think they are a brand that are going to take off in a huge way soon. Watch out MAC.

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